Important Information for EDFA Members

EDFA – reaching more families

EDFA has grown rapidly with the extending of our statewide strive Carer support groups from late 2019.  We have also faced the challenges of Covid-19 and re-configured our plans for face-to-face groups, to the current online formats for our monthly strive support groups.

The online platform via Zoom, has also allowed us to reach many more parents & carers, all over Australia in metro, regional & rural areas, which has been a benefit of utilising technology. It has also allowed EDFA to expand our offerings by bringing our highly successful & popular twice monthly education sessions and creating the specialty support groups for Siblings, carers of people with ARFID and of those with Bulimia, as well as a group especially for male carers (Dads, partners, brothers, grandfathers or those carers identifying as male).

One central platform for all parents and carers

Currently, we have over 2000 parents or carers involved with our strive Facebook pages, strive support groups, EDFA membership or education sessions, with our volunteers managing 9 individual statewide strive Facebook pages (including Bendigo, regional Vic) plus the private National strive Australia page & the public EDFA Facebookpage. 

We have made the decision to unify all our state-based strive pages into the one National strive Australia page from September 1st 2021.

“This will not only help reduce the load on our volunteers who are overseeing so many pages but has the added benefit of connecting parents and carers all over Australia and allowing every member to receive comprehensive National support from a single support page. ”  Chris Naismith, EDFA Director

This means that no matter where you live in Australia, you will be able to ask questions knowing that you have access to a wider audience, a greater depth of knowledge and lived-experience and a huge caring community to lean on for reassurance, guidance or support.

We will still be operating our monthly state-based strive support groups as usual, but now all the information will be found within the one strive Australia Facebook page


Are you a member?

A reminder that EDFA is a membership based volunteer support organisation. Your $25 annual family membership helps support EDFA to continue to bring all these offerings, but also shows Government that we have strength in numbers when lobbying  as the collective ‘voice of Carers’ for positive change, more support & recognition of the importance of the carer role in supporting anyone living with an eating disorder.  

Our education sessions are provided twice monthly for members, as well as the recordings of previous sessions, which can be viewed at any time.  These will soon be moved to a member-only section on our website, so we encourage you to join up today if you have not as yet or perhaps your membership has lapsed, so you will have access to these important learning opportunities.

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If you are caring for someone with an eating disorder, living in Australia & would like to be part of the private strive Australia group, please request to join here and be sure to answer all three admin questions also

If you are a financial member of EDFA ($25 p/year) you have access to resources in our Member Only section of the website. 

Please find detailed instructions for logging into the Member Only Resources here