Frequently Asked Questions about Fill The Gap

The Fill the Gap service is not a crisis service. If you or someone you know is needing immediate support please call emergency services 000 or Life Line on 13 11 14. 

Who is the Fill The Gap program for?

Appointments for the The Fill the Gap program are for any one aged 18 years and above, who is caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. This includes parents, partners, siblings, grandparents, other family members, and friends. Appointments are 1:1 with a counsellor. The program is not for the person experiencing the eating disorder.

Is there a cost for appointments?

No, all sessions are provided free of charge through Federal Government funding of the Fill The Gap program.

Is the Fill The Gap program available throughout Australia?

Yes, Fill The Gap is a national program and is available throughout the country, no matter where you live. All you need is access to reliable Internet for your appointments.

How long are appointments?
All appointments with our counsellors are 45 minutes. We are not able to run late if you are late for your appointment, so please attend on time.

Do I need a referral?
No, you do not need a referral from a GP to make an appointment. Simply make an appointment online or over the phone.

How do I attend my appointment?
All appointments are Telehealth (online) and are conducted via videoconferencing. You will receive a link via email in order to attend your appointment. We ask that you have a private and safe space available for your appointment, so you feel comfortable talking with the counsellor without interruptions.

How do I cancel/reschedule appointments?
We ask that you cancel or reschedule your appointment with 24 hours’ notice, so the appointment can be offered to someone else. 

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can access?

At this stage, there is no cap on the number of appointments available to you. We are here to provide the amount of support you require. 

Can I speak with the same counsellor?
Yes, you are welcome to book in with the same counsellor for appointments. However, you are also welcome to book with another counsellor should that assist with your schedule. To provide you with continued support, our Fill The Gap counsellors may share notes, where appropriate, of previous sessions.

What can I expect from my appointment?
The Fill The Gap counsellors will provide information, education, and supportive counselling to help you manage and gain the skills to become a more effective part of the recovery team. Appointments will focus on how you can best support your loved one as well as look after yourself.

Fill The Gap counsellors cannot provide direct advice regarding your loved one’s treatment. We encourage you to speak with your loved one’s treating team, where possible, for this.

Counsellors may discuss referral options for you to assist with any needs outside supporting your loved one.

Is my conversation confidential?
Yes, all information is treated as confidential between you and the counsellor unless you provide a written authority to share this information. There are some exceptions to confidentiality such as, in the case of a court order, or if failure to disclose the information would place the life, health, and safety of  you or another person at serious risk. EDFA’s Privacy Policy can be accessed here.