Commitment to research

EDFA encourages, supports and regularly participates in eating disorder research projects nationally and internationally. 

Our commitment to participate stems from our strong belief in the importance of eating disorder research. The NHMRC statement on Consumer and Community Involvement in Research outlines the importance of consumer involvement in research. 

Consumer, community, and lived-experience input is widely respected and encouraged by the Australian Government.


As a volunteer run, not for profit organisation, our resources are limited but we do participate in most instances.

We can also utilise our wider audience of carers via our growing EDFA membership base.

Please complete the research participation request form below. We assess each request individually based on its merit and will respond within five (5) working days.


Depending on the importance of the research, we have the ability to waive our fee if no funding is available.

Research Request


We look forward to working with you.