Eating disorders are serious and potentially life threatening mental illnesses. They don’t discriminate and affect all ages, cultural and socioeconomic groups, as well as all genders.

FYI – Eating Disorder Early Identification Tool

Feed Your Instinct (FYI) is an interactive tool designed to help parents recognise the signs of eating disorders/body image problems in their children. Complete the questionnaire here.

Anorexia Nervosa

People with anorexia cut down on their food intake drastically, which causes dramatic weight loss. 

Binge Eating Disorder

BED is characterised by episodes of extreme overeating in a short amount of time and is usually marked by a lack of control

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia is characterised by binge eating, followed by compensatory behaviour to get rid of the calories.


OSFED and UFED describe other specified and unspecified eating disorders


ARFID (Avoidance Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is not simply ‘picky eating’. It is a very serious eating disorder.       

Long Term Eating Disorders

Eating disorders experience over many years may be considered long-term.