Board of Directors

Meet the EDFA Board of Directors. 

David Garvey


“My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa at the age of 14. It was a terribly traumatic time for my daughter and our young family.  

As the Chair of EDFA, David Garvey’s role is to support the Board and volunteers in running the programs provided…and to make a difference to the lives of parents & carers who desperately seek the help and support of EDFA.

Christine Naismith

Co-Founder, Director, Board Member, 

“My daughter became seriously ill with Anorexia Nervosa in 2013 and I personally experienced the isolation and desperation so many parents and carers experience. It was harrowing.

I realised there was a major gap in the system to support the carers of people with eating disorders. These parents and carers go through incredible mental stress and emotional fatigue, as well as physical exhaustion and financial challenges.”


Violeta Bozinovski

Co-founder, Director, Board Member

“I don’t want one more family to go through what we, and others, have gone through to get diagnosis, quality treatment and support for our loved ones. 

I want to ensure eating disorders are no longer a mystery in our society and that families feel connected, adequately supported and empowered to know how to identify and the best way to treat these horrific illnesses.

As Director and Board Member, Violeta Bozinovski provides strategy, direction and decision making to ensure they achieve their mission and vision for EDFA.

Violeta also project manages EDFA’s biggest fundraising event, the annual ‘Pass the Baton’ Ball. 

David Quilty

Director, Board Member

“I am a parent who has supported a child with an eating disorder.  My expertise is in government and stakeholder relations. I represent EDFA on the Eating Disorders Alliance Australia, working with other organisations like the Butterfly Foundation, and I also sit on the TBT-S Committee, working closely with EDFA’s volunteer strive facilitator in the ACT.”


Joni Thomes

Board Member

“Learning about eating disorders and recovery can make a real difference to you and your loved one. I know firsthand how hard it is to live with an eating disorder and I know the damage it can cause to families.

The fear that someone you care for may not recover can create distress, worry and extreme feelings of hopelessness.

But people can and do recover, and family, friends and carers can support that recovery in many ways”

Dr Andrea Phillipou joins the board of EDFA

Dr Andrea Phillipou

Board Member

Andrea is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Mental Health at Swinburne University, and holds honorary positions in the psychiatry departments at St Vincent’s Hospital and the Austin Hospital. She leads the Swinburne Anorexia Nervosa (SWAN) Research Group, and the Body Image & Eating Disorders Research Portfolio at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Having had a family member with anorexia nervosa who did not survive the illness, Andrea is very passionate about the work undertaken at EDFA to support carers and family. She is proud to act as a board member, and chair EDFA’s research committee.

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