Carer Support Forum

Carer Support Forum

Join our online support forum, a 24/7 online community for parents and carers of those with eating disorders, run by carers for carers.

  • A daily support forum on Facebook, free to joineating disorder forum private.
  • A supportive community and a safe, confidential, comfortable space, for adult carers of individuals living with an eating disorder.
  • Support each other to feel more empowered, validated and confident by providing reassurance, sharing knowledge and lived experience.
  • Provide hope and optimism that recovery is possible and helps carers to feel less alone.

What to expect

  • Moderated by EDFA lived-experienced carers, to ensure safety and trust of information shared.
  • Connect with other carers online, at any time of the day.
  • No expectation to share – feel free to use the forum for information and tips.
  • EDFA also uses this platform to share updates on our Carer Support Groups, upcoming EDucation webinars (members-only resource), new additions to our eating disorder resources, and opportunities to participate in research and advocate for better support for eating disorders.


If you have any questions about our Carer Support Forum, please contact EDFA Support.

The Carer Support Forum is a free service provided through Facebook. It is free to join this support forum, however we encourage all carers to consider EDFA Membership for access to all of our support and EDucation resources.

EDFA uses the Facebook Forum platform to manage the access links for our Carer Support Groups via online event links. Adult carers must be either a member of the Forum or an EDFA member to access.


Who can join the Carer Support Forum?

Use of the group is for adult caregivers (residing in Australia) of individuals living with an eating disorder. This could include parents, partners, adult siblings, extended family or friends in a caregiving role.

Do I need to be a member of EDFA to join the Support Forum?

No, you don’t need to be a member of EDFA, but you do need to be a parent or caregiver of someone experiencing an eating disorder. When you request to join, you will be asked three questions to confirm you are a caregiver, and this will be forwarded to the Forum moderators for approval. This process can take up to 48 hours.

I am a clinician, and work in a service that treats people with eating disorders. Am I able to join the Support Forum?

The Facebook forum provides a peer support community for our members, and we need to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. We ask that caregivers who also work in the eating disorders sector or carer space contact us to discuss the nature of their role before joining the forum. 

How is my privacy protected on the support forum?

The Forum is a closed group and unless you are a parent or caregiver of a person with an eating disorder, you aren’t permitted to join. Every post is moderated by a trained forum facilitator with lived experience.

How will the forum benefit me on my journey?

Being part of a forum of ‘lived experience’ experts, as well as parents and carers at varying stages of the recovery journey can be validating and empowering, but most of all, supportive.  

EDFA also provides daily inspiration, thought provoking insights, news, events and articles for all users of the support forum.

Support Forum ‘Group Rules’

To ensure the Support Forum is a safe and confidential space for all users to share experiences and support each other, everyone must agree to the group rules.

Please review the Group Rules before joining.

Our Facebook forum is moderated seven days a week by volunteers who have lived experience of looking after someone with an eating disorder. 

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