Stories from the heart

Growing up with a sibling with an eating disorder can be frightening, confusing and sad. Everybody’s individual story is unique.  

Meet the brave siblings who have shared their stories of living with someone with an eating disorder.

Trigger warning* Some people some may find these stories upsetting – caution is advised before reading.


My sister was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa

Carmel's Story

My sister was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa about 15 years ago. We were both young teenagers, and I was a bit older than her. Our family knew nothing about eating disorders and treatment options available, and we lived in a regional area so she had even less access to professionals.

Flynn's story

My sister Tahlia developed anorexia at 16. We noticed something was wrong on a family holiday to Ireland…and when we got home things spiraled pretty quickly. She’s now almost 20 and although we’ve had lots of ups and downs, she’s in recovery right now.

Eating DIsorder Sibling Support Group Story

Luke's Story

Sibling Support Group has allowed me to talk about my struggles with like-minded people who understand what it means to have a sibling with an Eating Disorder. The group has It has helped me to understand the motives and internal struggles that drive a person with an eating disorder.

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