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Welcome to Eating Disorders Families Australia

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) was founded by a passionate group of parents who have cared for, and are caring for, young people with eating disorders.

We believe in the power of lived experience and sharing our knowledge with others to reduce the time and suffering the whole family endures. 

The shared experiences of caring for a child desperately in need of treatment and care, while navigating a complex system, was the catalyst for EDFA.

EDFA was created by families and carers for families and carers…and we are committed to supporting them to be the most informed and effective carers for their loved one.

We are proud to be a collective voice on a national platform. We know that parents and carers have a pivotal role to play in the treatment plan and must be respected for their opinions when decisions are being made about eating disorder treatments.

Expert parents and carers

We understand eating disorders. As expert parents and carers there’s not much we haven’t seen or experienced first hand. We ‘get it’ because we lived it, we survived it, or are surviving it. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, ARFID, OSFED and more.

And collectively, we have a strong desire to help other parents on their own journey to recovery.

Because recovery is possible…but it’s not linear and there is much to consider and understand.

Doctor treating anorexic teenager and giving eating disorder support to family

Family at the heart of treatment

The team at EDFA is passionate about supporting health professionals and clinicians in the effective involvement of families and carers in treatment programs.

If families and carers aren’t involved in the clinical care of a person with an eating disorder, the eating disorder is more likely to thrive and persist.

This is not opinion, this is based on clinical research and evidence.

The advantages of allying with carers

As a service or clinician, you will find many advantages to working closely with families and carers in treatment.

  • Better outcomes for clients
  • Improving clinical job satisfaction
  • Better information for clinician and patients
  • Recovery-oriented environment around patients
  • Building a safer and stronger community around patients.
Siblings affected by eating disorders getting support.

Impact on the whole family

An eating disorder diagnosis impacts every member of the family. And while it may be obvious that parents and carers carry the load, it is important to recognise how siblings are affected.

Their mental health and wellbeing can be compromised by the worry about their brother or sister, so it’s important that siblings are supported as well.

Together we are stronger

Eating disorders affect children, adolescents and adults all over the world. Having an eating disorder can lead to many lengthy complications if not treated effectively, including both mental and physical ailments. In extreme cases, eating disorders can even be fatal. Finding an effective treatment program is essential for parents and carers of people with eating disorders.

Here at EDFA, we recognise that together we are stronger. And through peer support, connection, information and education, your journey with your loved one will be a supported one. And one of the most important components of any eating disorder treatment program is education. 

Learn more about how EDFA can help you learn about and understand the complexities of eating disorders and how to manage and cope with the challenges. Take the Feed Your Instinct early identification test here.

Carer Support Groups in every state

Learning and hearing from others who ‘get it’ and can provide helpful practical advice is key to being able to support our family members effectively. 

We ‘get it’…because we are all experienced parents and carers with real, authentic, lived eating disorder carer experience. We know how isolating it can be, and we are committed to providing increased opportunities for people to connect in face to face settings and online. 

strive Carer Support Groups:

  • Provide a safe, supportive place for carers to meet each month in a semi-structured environment which allows for both knowledge sharing and peer support
  • Provide information and resources to assist parents and carers to understand eating disorders and their integral role in recovery
  • Encourage empowerment of carers in their role in the recovery of the person with the eating disorder
  • Are run by trained volunteer carers, for carers.

Find your local strive Carer Support Group

Eating Disorder Education

EDFA runs bi-monthly national education and information seminars online, with each seminar hosted by a different lived experience and clinical expert in the Eating Disorder field.

We run these eating disorder education seminars so we are able to up-skill parents and carers…providing resources and information on evidence based, emerging and adjunctive therapies.

Experience has shown us that this help people to be more effective, informed and compassionate carers. 

Find the next Eating Disorder Education Seminar

Why become a member?

EDFA is a proud not for profit, volunteer run organisation. We are the voice of the carer on national platforms.

Strength in numbers means we can affect change in the government and Eating Disorder sectors.

We invite you to be part of a revolutionary peer run organisation making positive changes in the Eating Disorder sector.

Mum and teenager with eating disorder hug during recovery

We provide opportunities to connect with other parents and carers who share your experiences…helping you to feel less alone and isolated.

Yearly membership is just $25, and members will receive a Member pack, including introductory discounts on select Eating Disorder books, discounts to Eating Disorder conferences and events, free access to monthly statewide strive Carer Support Groups, bi-monthly national education sessions and daily online peer support through the private strive Australia Facebook Group.

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