Brand Ambassadors

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) is proud to work with our brand ambassadors, who generously dedicate their time to support our mission of helping families and carers of those living with eating disorders around Australia. We are incredibly grateful for their support as they all bring a wealth of knowledge to benefit our organisation and carers around Australia.

Hugh Van Cuylenburg
Founder of ‘The Resilience Project’, Hugh Van Cuylenburg has been an Ambassador of EDFA since December 2020. Hugh is the author of ‘The Resilience Project’ and ‘Let Go’, leads a mental health podcast ‘The Imperfects’, and his experience of growing up with a sister living with Anorexia Nervosa brought him to EDFA as an Ambassador. Hugh has kindly donated copies of both his books ‘The Resilience Project’ and ‘Let Go’, as well as The Resilience Project’s ’21 Day Journal’, to support our carers and has supported many of EDFA’s fundraising campaigns.

Dr Katie Allen
Dr Allen is the former Liberal Party member for Higgins. She served in Federal Parliament’s House of Representatives from 2019-2022. She is also a former paediatrician and medical researcher. Her work as a paediatric allergist and gastroenterologist at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital fired her interest in eating disorders. Dr Allen brings a wealth of medical experience as well as political influence to EDFA to benefit our carers through her advocacy work. 

Claire Moore 
Claire is a former Australian Labor Party Senator for Queensland and has previously served as Shadow Minister for Women, Shadow Minister for Carers, Shadow Minister for Communities, and the Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate. Claire was elected as the first woman Secretary of the Community and Public Service Union in Queensland and served for three terms. Since leaving parliament, Claire has worked with local community organisations focusing on social justice and community development. Claire is passionate about improving mental health outcomes and is actively involved in the Queensland mental health sector in Queensland. Claire aims to reinforce the value of working cooperatively with people across political parties to build awareness and support for EDFA’s work.

Rachel Siewert 
Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and was coordinator of the Conservation Council of WA for nearly 16 years before becoming a Greens Senator in the Federal Parliament in 2005. She chaired the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for a number of years, working on a wide range of social justice and health issues. Rachel now works in the social services sector. She wants to increase awareness of the impact eating disorders have on the families of those with eating disorders. “We need to ensure that all those affected by eating disorders are supported and can access the resources they need,” Rachel says. EDFA is privileged to have her presence as a brand ambassador.


Angus Murray
Angus is studying at The Australian National University, having grown up and attended school in Melbourne. He has worked with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Strategic Research Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders, as well as the precursor organisation to The Embrace Collective, the Body Confident Collective. He is also a founding co-Chair of The Embrace Collective’s Youth Crew. Angus brings to EDFA a passion to include young people, particularly young men and boys, when considering eating disorder treatment and prevention.