Fill The Gap - Book a counselling session

The Fill the Gap service is not a crisis service. If you or someone you know is needing immediate support please call emergency services 000 or Life Line on 13 11 14.  

EDFA’s new Fill The Gap counselling service is now taking bookings for online counselling and peer support.

For a confidential chat or to help answer any of your questions, call Administration Assistant Susan on 03 9125 5670 or email 

The service will provide essential access to tailored, online, one-on-one counselling support for carers of those with eating disorders. 

Support will be provided via videoconferencing, using professional, lived-experience counsellors to help carers manage and gain the skills to become a more effective part of the recovery team.

Its online delivery means even families and carers living in rural, regional and remote Australia will be able to access the service.


Trigger warning – this video contains references to suicide, violence, and the impact of eating disorder recovery on siblings. Some individuals may find this distressing. 


Fill The Gap was also developed to address the lack of, or difficulty in accessing, tailored counselling service for those who are caring for someone with an eating disorder. We understand that carers will often sacrifice their own well-being in order to prioritise the care of their loved one, particularly in times of financial strain or when services are in short supply. 

However, it is also well known that carers who maintain their own well-being will be more effective supports for the person with the eating disorder. 

EDFA’s new service aims to Fill The Gap by providing free and easily accessible counselling, thus reducing the need for the carer to sacrifice their own mental and physical well-being.