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We are the national peak organisation providing support,  education, and advocacy services for carers and families impacted by an eating disorder.

About Eating Disorders Families Australia

EDFA was founded by a group of Australian parents caring for a child with an eating disorder. Our focus has now grown to include all carers and families of those with eating disorders.


EDFA is dedicated to providing lived-experience support, information, validation, education and advocacy to empower families and carers in their journeys with their own loved ones.

We are proud to be a collective voice on a national platform.

Through our nationwide, online support groups, education seminars, peer to peer support and events, EDFA empowers families and carers to advocate for their loved ones’ needs and personal role in the recovery journey.



When we talk to families and carers about their journey with their loved one’s eating disorder, there is always a common thread.

"I feel confused, alone and terrified."
"What are our treatment options? How do I find a supportive clinician?"
"I have no idea what to do... or where to go to get help."

We recognise that many families and carers struggle to access critical information, support and resources, and are confused about how to navigate a complex system.  

Here at EDFA, many of our volunteers have cared for someone with an eating disorder. We call it ‘lived experience’. We can offer you the support, confidence, advice, connections, and community you will need.

“Eating disorders deeply impact families, often causing emotional and psychological distress for many years without respite. Our volunteers have lived experience, and our organisation supports and upskills families, helping them through the most challenging journey of their lives.”


David Garvey, Chairman, EDFA

Carer Support Program

The EDFA Support Program provides support to families and carers via online Support Groups and a Facebook group forum.

The Support Program provides a reassuring community and a safe, confidential space for adult carers. We share hope and optimism that recovery is possible, and through our supportive community, carers feel less alone. 

Our support community welcomes individuals of all races, religions, cultures, sexual orientation, gender, or identity. We ask that group members avoid judgment and respect different opinions.

Our Carer Support Groups exist to:

  • provide a safe, supportive place for carers to meet each month in an environment that allows for both knowledge sharing and peer support.
  •  provide information and resources to assist parents and carers to understand eating disorders and their integral role in recovery.
  • encourage empowerment of carers in their role in the recovery of the person with the eating disorder. 

EDucation and Information

EDFA runs national education and information seminars twice a month, with each seminar hosted by different lived-experience or clinical experts in the eating disorder field.

We recognise that by educating families and carers, we are encouraging and empowering them to advocate for their loved one, and for themselves.

Over 100 hours of EDucation to watch

Carer Stories

Caring for a loved one with an eating disorder can be isolating, confusing and heartbreaking. Everybody’s individual story is unique.  

Meet the brave parents and carers who have shared their stories of caring for someone with an eating disorder, to help other carers at various stages of their caring journey.

TBT-S Workshop Series for Carers and Clinicians

EDFA is delighted to be presenting a series of TBT-S training workshops for both carer’s and clinicians.

TBT-S (Temperament Based Therapy with Supports) is designed to build upon other Eating Disorder (ED) therapies, addressing neurobiological alterations, treating to the traits, and including support people for children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders.  

Learn more about 1/2 day Carer training here

Learn more about 1 day and 4 day Clinician Workshops here

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24/7 Daily Support Forum
National Carer Support Groups for carers of loved ones with any eating disorder
Special Carer Support Groups (run quarterly)
ARFID Support Group (monthly)
Siblings Support Group
Access to Member Only Content
Twice Monthly Education Sessions with experts from the eating disorder field and those with lived experience
Access to Digital Library - Webinar recordings (over 120 hours)
Member Recommendations - GP's, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Dietitians, Peer Mentors, Recovery Coaches and More. Updated monthly.
Information Packs
strive Monthly topic sheets and talking points
Downloadable EDucational Resources
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A voice of change in the ED space

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