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Caring for a loved one with an eating disorder can be isolating, confusing and heartbreaking. Everybody’s individual story is unique.  

Meet the brave parents and carers who have shared their stories of caring for someone with an eating disorder, to help other carers at various stages of their caring journey. 

Trigger warning* These stories describe personal Carer experiences with eating disorders, which some may find upsetting. The stories have positive outcomes, but caution is advised before reading.

Dee's Carer Story

My daughter Emmy was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa last June at 14 years old. It was a shock as there was no warning..other than that she was being ‘healthy’ with eating and exercise.

Mum's story of son with anorexia and binge eating disorder.

Elisa's Story

My son was born with an intellectual disability, ASD and ADHD. He didn’t really fit in ‘the box’ and was bullied heavily at school. This is when the eating disorder entered our lives

Mum and daughter talk about atypical anorexia

Bridget's Story

My daughter Ellie was diagnosed with Atypical Anorexia when she was just 14, in September 2021. Thanks to the incredible support I received from EDFA, I was empowered to advocate for our daughter.

Kel's Story

By treating myself as important I have been able to connect with my daughter more deeply, with more patience and less control and that has only improved our recovery journey.

Jennifer's Story

My daughter was 21 when the first signs of an Eating Disorder (ED) occurred. She had just returned from a 3-month volunteer trip overseas, moved out of home and was studying mental health nursing. We realised something was wrong at a family meal in a restaurant.

mother and daughter recovered eating disorder

Sallie's Story

My daughter Isabella has suffered from ARFID since she was 9. She had extreme anxiety around food, and an irrational thought that she was going to choke or vomit. This anxiety meant she wasn’t able to eat adequate amounts of food. 

ARFID carer story

Maree's Story

My daughter was 13 when she started to restrict and lose some weight. She became medically unstable quite quickly. Her GP didn’t have experience with Eating Disorders, so we didn’t have a great understanding of how bad things really were

Hope for eating disorder recovery

Michelle's Story

My daughter Karlee was extremely anxious from a very young age, very shy, obsessional and a perfectionist. She worried about everything and always feared the worst.

Merril's Story

My daughter suffered from restrictive Anorexia Nervosa from age 16 until 22.  She was extremely underweight and malnourished, and required seven hospital admissions over these years.  

Robyn's Story

My daughter was 21 when the first signs of an eating disorder (ED) occurred. She has just returned from a 3-month volunteer trip overseas, moved out of home and was studying mental health nursing. The first time we realised something was wrong was at a family meal in a restaurant. 

K's Story

It was very difficult to get anyone to listen to my concerns about E's weight and her disinterest and aversion to food. Every time I raised it I was told it is common for autistic kids to be picky eaters and to be underweight.

Dealing with intense emotions of an eating disorder for families and carers

Angela's Story

My daughter's eating disorder journey started during our very first lockdown in 2020. She started cutting down on food, increasing exercise and losing weight.

Anorexia recovery story from a mum's perspective

Tanja's Story

I wish I had known what anorexia was and how it would go on to affect my child. It was not helpful to hear “you know your child, get your child back”. It literally rocked my world.

Anorexia and my child - a carer story

Kylie's Story

Our daughter was 12 when diagnosed with anorexia. What followed was nearly 2 years where the days blurred into each other through difficult, consuming and life changing treatment to keep our daughter safe and well.

Bulimia recovery story

Xavier's Story

My older sister was diagnosed with bulimia when she was 16 years old. Being 10 years younger, I didn’t really understand what was happening at the time. Mum recognised the warning was very overwhelming.

Leanda’s Story

When Amelia was 10, I found a sign in the pantry snack drawer – a hand drawn picture of her and her friends standing on weighing scales. Her friends’ scales were all in the normal range, but Amelia’s scales said the word ‘fat’.

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