EDFA encourages, supports, and participates in eating disorders research

The EDFA Research Committee exists to embed research into the activities run by Eating Disorders Families Australia including:

  • the evaluation of EDFA programs; and
  • undertaking research projects specifically on improving the mental health of families and carers.

EDFA’s Research Committee comprises leading eating disorder researchers from Australia’s top universities including  Deakin University and The University of Melbourne.

If you are interested in being part of EDFA’s Research Committee, please contact us with your expression of interest here.

Research Committee Members

Chair - Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin

Deakin University

Associate Professor Pepin is an experienced mental health occupational therapist and a proficient academic. Built on almost 20 years’ work in the area of mental health and eating disorders in Canada and in Australia and including partnerships with national and international leaders in the field, A/Prof Pepin has established herself as a significant contributor to eating disorders research. Genevieve’s expertise and passion are in research co-produced with carers of people with an eating disorder, understanding the impact of eating disorders on function and the daily activities of those with an eating disorder and their family, and the development of innovative interventions promoting best health outcomes.

Ms. Sarah Giles

University of Melbourne

Sarah is currently completing her Master of Clinical Psychology/ PhD at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests include the role of obsessive-compulsive traits in eating disorders, and the overlap between autism spectrum disorder and eating disorders. Sarah is passionate about meaningfully incorporating consumers into research and clinical practice.

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Dr Marianne Wyder

Metro South Health

Dr Marianne Wyder is a social worker with a background in sociology. Over the past 20 years she has worked in various research and clinical positions in Government, Non-Government and University sectors. Her research experience spans the health sector and includes expert knowledge in mental health, inequality, eating disorders, involuntary treatment, family recovery, gender, drug and/or alcohol abuse as well as suicidal behaviours.

Associate Professor Isabel Krug

University of Melbourne

Isabel Krug is an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne, where she leads the Melbourne School of Psychological Science Eating Disorder Lab. The lab focuses on improving the understanding of the genetic, neurocognitive, environmental, and psychological underpinnings of eating disorders.

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