Carer Tips For The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a challenging time for carers and families supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. Our free counselling service and support forum will be open during the holidays to assist in managing the challenges of the holiday season.

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Let’s talk about Purging

Purging is defined broadly as a series of actions taken with the intention of ridding the body of any food or liquid. The underlying factors that contribute to purging are complex and related to emotional distress, stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. As a carer and the most ideal methods of treatment, the most valuable role that you can play is one of support, non judgement and acceptance of where your loved one is at, whilst educating yourself about the illness and seeking to gain skills and strategies for you and your loved one.

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looking after yourself as a carer

Be there for them. Be there for you.

I want to explore something often neglected. Carer self-care.

An eating disorder is mentally and physically draining, and it often takes away from caring for your own needs.

I am a person in recovery from an eating disorder and self-care is something I’ve been trying to implement more in my daily routine. In preparing this article, I wondered how my own circle of support practised self-care when they had to work so hard to prioritise my care?

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