Lived Experience

My Mum Saved Me

I could talk about all of my traumatic life experiences for days on end, from coming out of the closet and being bullied to domestic violence and sexual harassment, but I want to focus on my eating disorder recovery journey and a key influence in that. I believe being open, honest and having an accountability buddy is a way to not only commence but aid your recovery. For me, that person was my mum.

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Co-dependency in Eating Disorders

A complex and uncomfortable topic is the suggestion of a co-dependent relationship between a person with an eating disorder and their parent/carer. While it is understandable that a child or adult with an active ED is very dependent on their carers, the opposite can also be true, where the parents’ emotion and actions are dictated by the eating disorder of their loved ones.

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coping with all the changes that eating disorder recovery brings

Coping with Changes

The start of the new year often brings new challenges due to changes at school, university or work. These transition experiences can feel overwhelming with exposure

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EDFA christmas appeal 2022

Managing the Holidays

Facing the holiday season with an eating disorder can be challenging. The changes to normal routine and the social expectations associated with this time of

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looking after yourself as a carer

Be there for them. Be there for you.

I want to explore something often neglected. Carer self-care.

An eating disorder is mentally and physically draining, and it often takes away from caring for your own needs.

I am a person in recovery from an eating disorder and self-care is something I’ve been trying to implement more in my daily routine. In preparing this article, I wondered how my own circle of support practised self-care when they had to work so hard to prioritise my care?

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