EDFA Christmas Appeal

2021 has been a year like no other. Covid-19, and repeated lockdowns across the country have had a devastating impact on the mental health of so many of our children, adolescents and young adults. 

In the wake of the pandemic, EDFA has seen a substantial rise in demand from families and carers seeking support, information and education from others with a lived-experience, with whom they can confide and connect. 

Make a donation this Christmas 

EDFA’s purpose is to educate, support and advocate on behalf of families and carers of people living with an eating disorder. 

As a volunteer run, not for profit organisation, we are dependant on donations and grants to operate our support programs which include strive support groups, our strive online support community, carer and parent EDucation, and a training program of clinicians and advocacy, promoting a treatment modality known as ‘temperament based training with supports (TBT-S)’.  

Tax Deductible Donations as Gifts. 

100% of your donation goes directly towards supporting and educating families affected by an eating disorder.

You’ll receive a tax deductible receipt immediately.

What makes EDFA so special?

Carers for carers

Why Donate at Christmas?

Are you thinking about giving back this Christmas? Christmas time is the perfect time to give back and help others…but do you know why it’s a perfect time to make a donation to EDFA? 

We all know how Christmas can easily become a busy, rushed event. Remember the spirit of Christmas is giving.  Give back to those who need it. When you purchase a charitable gift, this gift will have never-ending positive effects on people who need support.

Receive the tax benefits of giving to a charity at Christmas time.

All gifts over $2 are tax-deductible, so it’s a great time to boost your tax return by reducing your taxable income.

The gift of a donation is unique. Your gift will stand out… and make a difference

You have the opportunity to change lives.

“I cannot say thank you enough. So many times when I have felt hopeless, lost or angry, or just plain exhausted, my strive support group has given me what I’ve needed to take the next step. I can support my daughter because I also have support. It is incredible how people who are facing the relentless emotional path of being a carer for someone with an eating disorder can also find time to support and encourage others. My EDFA strive support group represents the best of compassionate and empathic humanity.” 


EDFA Member

Caring for a 16 year old with Anorexia Nervosa