Christmas message from EDFA Chair, David Garvey

My name is David Garvey, and I’m the chair of EDFA. I wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anyone who has a connection to our organisation. The last twelve months has been an incredibly busy time for us. COVID has meant we’ve seen an increase in eating disorders, and this has been reflected in the amount of support we’ve provided to the community – and also the large increase in membership we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

Thank you to our volunteers

I’d really like to thank the many volunteers who support EDFA, and our many families who are members of EDFA. Without our volunteers we couldn’t do what we are doing. This year we’ve been in a position to employ some people to help our volunteers and I’d like to give them a massive shout-out too because they’re making a massive contribution to what we do.

Thank you to our members

To our members, thank you very much for your financial support, your broader support for EDFA and advocating on our behalf, and certainly over this holiday period we will be thinking of you. 

I hope over this holiday period you’ll have the opportunity to rest and recharge – we know that eating disorders don’t take a break over the holiday period and often, speaking from personal experience, it’s one of the most challenging times.

Eating Disorders don’t take a break…and neither does EDFA

We will be here to support our many carers either online or via direct communication. If you do need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us over the Christmas and New Year period.

We will be thinking of you.

Merry Christmas,

David Garvey, Chair, EDFA.