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Eating Disorders Families Australia would not exist without the support and commitment of our volunteer team. These volunteers are the cornerstone of our organisation, and we’d like to shine a very bright spotlight on them.

Are you our next Volunteer? Contact us to make help make a difference to another families Eating Disorder journey.  


Lynn Garvey, National Education Program Manager

Hi, Lynn here. As a volunteer, I source speakers, co-ordinate and facilitate EDFA’s twice-monthly education program, co-ordinate Siblings Support Group, assist with social media content, moderate on the online FB forum, facilitate strive Victoria online “face to face” support group and provide daily administration support.

I am a Mum of four, two boys and two girls.  My eldest daughter, now 22, was officially diagnosed with anorexia nervosa when she was 14.  The early days of treatment were tumultuous times within our family as we had little knowledge of what an eating disorder was and no local peer support available at the time. I felt alone and frightened. After experiencing a relapse two years ago, and with the help of an intuitive, patient and loving therapist, our daughter is now on her journey to recovery and a life of meaning and purpose.

I volunteer for EDFA so I can help, support, nurture and extend compassion to other parents and carers, and help them access the skills and education they need to not only survive, but thrive personally and as caregivers. Supporting a child with an eating disorder is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I can only imagine this is true for the majority of caregivers in the eating disorder community.

Words of Wisdom

You are not to blame for your loved one’s eating disorder. You are the best person to help your loved one heal from their illness because of the neural connective bond you share together.  Everyone with an eating disorder can fully recover and live a full and meaningful life.  Please have compassion for yourself, expect setbacks, trust in the process and be prepared that healing may be a marathon rather than a sprint.  Remember that love really does conquer all!

Jo-Lise Finn, Volunteer, Website and IT

I’ve been an EDFA volunteer since June 2020. I stumbled across a facebook post asking for a website content writer and before I knew it, I was designing, building and launching a new website for EDFA. I had taken some time off from my career in Digital Marketing  to care for my daughter who was struggling with Anorexia Nervosa, and this was the perfect fit for my skill set. 

I feel incredibly proud of what I’ve been able to achieve volunteering for EDFA. I feel a real connection to the work EDFA do, and have been so thankful to have access to a carer support network, resources and information. When my daughter was diagnosed, I was literally stumbling around in the dark. It took almost six months for me to be able to say the word ‘Anorexia’ out loud. I was in a permanent state of shock, guilt, denial, blame, you name it I felt it. The eating disorder journey is not over for us yet, but through EDFA we have found a community to learn on, learn from and escape to.

I feel extraordinarily grateful to have a chance to make a difference.

Words of Wisdom

Accept help when it’s offered. Provide help when you can.

Mary-Lou Raposa

Hey, my name is Mary Lou. I am a volunteer social media manager, creating tiles and posts for the website content. Outside of volunteering for the EDFA, I work as an Educational Support Officer for TAFE Ultimo’s Screen and Media course. The EDFA was recommended to me while I was searching for volunteering opportunities. As someone with friends suffering from an eating disorder, I understand the challenge of supporting sufferers in a way that is safe, loving, and productive for their well-being and recovery. My time in the EDFA helped me to understand how to support loved ones as a carer and how to self-care too. I hope to learn more going forward and to use the knowledge I’ve gained to help my friends in the future.

Outside of work, I have a few hobbies that I do, one of which is creative writing. It’s a way for me to relax, de-stress, stretch my creative brain, and take a break from reality for a while. I write about the seemingly mundane but really beautiful details of life—and that’s what makes me smile too. There’s no big thing that needs to happen to see that the world is a good place. Small things like a beautiful sunset or the way my pet looks sleeping are the little things that light me up.

Alex Mruk, Creator of 'Alex Articulates'

I’m a content creator for EDFA. I create informal and formal pieces about my eating disorder history. It continues to impact me today, both physically and mentally. In light of this, I feel extremely empowered being in a position to reflect on my recovery journey up to this point. Although each article I produce offers my unique perspective on how I interpreted and continue to interpret the world around me, they fluctuate two points of view – mine and that of my social support circle. I hope that by giving you a glimpse into my world, I am able to offer you a fresh breeze of hopefulness in what feels like quite a hopeless journey. The reason I don’t disclose my diagnosis is because I want each reader to relate to the universality of the feelings that are at the root of each eating disorder, as both yours and your loved one’s experience is a distinctive journey in itself.

If there’s anything that you, as a carer, take out of my articles, I hope it is that both you and your loved one are enough – and have enough fight in you to push through. Even if it’s just for the next 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 months.

Words of wisdom: It is a superpower in itself being able to harness enough strength to keep going, for both you and your loved one. Remember that when you feel you have nothing left to give, you alone just being there truly is everything. 

About me: I am currently a full-time university student studying the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). I aspire to one day become a practicing clinician working with eating disorder inpatients. Given I adore travelling, whether that is domestically or internationally, only time will tell.

Gordon Brockway

With my wife, I have cared for our loved-one with an eating disorder for 13 plus years.

I have been involved with EDFA since its inception in 2016. I was a founding Director and invited by the other founding Directors to Chair the Board, which I did up to mid 2019. I continued as a Director until late 2020.

My involvement has continued as a volunteer on the TBT-S Committee, contributing to the development of clinicians and carers to improve the recovery journey of our loved ones.

Amelia Graves, Volunteer Carer Facilitator

I love riding my e Scooter to work each day, doing jigsaws and walking my dog along the river! My oldest daughter has been through an eating disorder – anorexia – and it was an absolute roller coaster of shock, horror and pain. While she was very unwell I leaned on a few incredible carers I met in the hospital, and we spoke about the importance of support. I was so pleased when my daughter was on the road to recovery and I was given the opportunity to support other parents and carers, through strive. Each month I am impressed by the people I meet online, their determination and strength to help their loved ones.

Do you feel you can contribute to EDFA and would like some more information on volunteering? 

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