Hugh Van Cuylenburg shares tips for lockdown

EDFA’s Ambassador, and founder of ‘The Resilience Project’ Hugh Van Cuylenberg shares his top tips for surviving lockdown. After all, he’s been through five (and counting) in Melbourne!

Most people are struggling around the world at the moment with uncertainty. And as people who have loved ones suffering from eating disorders, that’s nothing new to us.  So in a strange way, we have been prepared for this in a way other people don’t understand’.

Hugh’s Top 4 Tips for surviving lockdown

1. Don’t binge-watch the news.. It will make you flat. Don’t start your day parked in front of negativity. Find something else to focus on to stay positive. 

2. Choose your chats wisely.  Be selective about who you spend your time talking to. Find positive people to surround yourself with, when you can. 

3. Social Media – we are so heightened emotionally at the moment, and the smallest things are evoking emotions – particularly negative.  Pay attention to who you are following. If their opinion or post brings up a negative emotion, unfollow them. Social Media brings out the worst in us – make sure it’s not bringing you negative emotions.

4.  Do something meaningful for you!. Learn a new skill. Take time out.  Do something that you can later say ‘if it wasn’t for Covid I wouldn’t have done that’.