What is FBT? Prof James Lock MD PhD, Kellie Lavender FBT Therapist & a Carer 3 June 2023

What is FBT? presented by Professor Dr James Lock, MD, PhD, Kellie Lavender, Certified Family Based Treatment Therapist & Supervisor and a Carer.

A discussion with Professor Dr James Lock, MD, PhD, Faculty Co-Director of the Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders, Kellie Lavender, Certified Family Based Treatment Therapist and Supervisor and a Carer who shares her own treatment experience.

Hear about the intended model of Family Based Treatment (FBT) first hand from the co-developer of the manualised version of FBT, Professor James Lock. The expert clinical and lived experience panel help us to understand how we can assist in the recovery of the person we are supporting using this treatment.

Parents, carers, families, clinicians – anyone supporting individuals in recovery from an eating disorder will gain knowledge, confidence and empowerment from leading experts in Family Based Treatment.

The discussion is followed by a ½ hour convened Q&A with the panel and the audience.

Dr James Lock, MD, Ph.D. is Professor of Child Psychiatry and Pediatrics and Associate Chair in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine where he also serves as Director of the Eating Disorder Program for Children and Adolescents. Dr Lock has published over 300 articles, abstracts, books, including Treatment Manual for Anorexia Nervosa: A Family Based Approach, AFT for Anorexia Nervosa: A Developmental Approach, Eating Disorders in Children & Adolescents: A Clinical Handbook, Treating Bulimia in Adolescents: A Family Based Approach & Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder and book chapters. He has been continuously funded by NIH since 1998. His recent research focuses on integrating treatment research with neuroscience in eating disorders, including examining neurocognitive processes and their functional and neuroanatomical correlates.

He has lectured widely in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He was awarded the Price Family Foundation Award for Research Excellence in 2010 and the Leadership award from the International Academy of Eating Disorders in 2014.

Kellie Lavender is Co-Director and Co-Founder of NZEDC, Faculty Member of the Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders, USA, a Certified Family Based Treatment Therapist and Supervisor and a Certified Member of the International Association of Applied Neuropsychotherapy (IAAN).

Kellie is co-director of the New Zealand Eating Disorders Clinic, a specialist private eating disorders clinic in Auckland. Kellie has worked in the field of eating disorders for over 20 years with clients of all ages and almost all eating disorder presentations. Over the past twelve years Kellie has specialised further in using FBT with adolescents and young adults, becoming accredited as a certified FBT therapist (2014) and supervisor (2016) and trainer (2020). She is a Faculty member of the Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Treatment of Eating Disorders, USA and is passionate about ensuring that evidence-based treatments are delivered to a high standard.

She provides individual FBT supervision for certification in NZ and internationally as well as regular specialist supervision to teams across New Zealand and Australia for FBT and AFT (Adolescent Focused Therapy).

Carer, Nina, talks about her journey supporting her daughter through an ineffective “FBT” experience, and a successful re-set of FBT applied correctly.