Nurturing & Nourishing Carers to Go the Distance – Lisa Cutforth 23 June 2023

Presented by Lisa Cutforth B. Sc. (Hons) Nutrition and Psychology, Clinical Nutritionist, Author & Speaker.

Lisa covers nurturing and nourishing tips and hacks for carers to take better care of themselves so they have enough energy and strength to go the distance in their care of others, without burning out or collapsing in a heap.

Lisa discusses three key ideas around self nurturing (how to do it and why it matters), eating to nourish and bringing back the joy of food and eating. She will share her three great hacks: self regulation, her dinner rhyme system and antidotes to get you through the bad days.

She also shares a few of her favourite quick, uncomplicated, nourishing and delicious recipes.

Lisa qualified with a Bachelor of Science, with Honours in Nutrition and Psychology in Edinburgh (2005), and has done further studies in the Neuroscience of leadership, behaviour and addiction. She completed her research honours on Stress and Eating Behaviour; her dissertation on ADD/ADHD and Treatment; and has written a book about the role of emotions and psychology on nutrition status and weight management. She is a DNA certified practitioner.

She currently works as a clinical nutritionist in private practice, runs a meal delivery business and has also lectured in nutrition. She is a passionate advocate of nutrition and self care, and loves sharing her knowledge in practical ways with others to help take health off the “too hard shelf”.