Let’s Talk Autism & Eating Disorders with Barb Kelly 19 November 2020

Current statistics list autistic individuals with eating disorders between 26 and 50%.

Barb Kelly is a Clinical Psychologist from QLD with a special interest in Autism and Eating Disorders, particularly ARFID. However, this education session and the information, resources and skills Barb will discuss is relevant to any autistic individual with an eating disorder.

Barb explains the neurobiology behind those “wired differently” and views it as “difference not deficits”. She explains how typical expressions of Autism such as rigidity (especially related to food sensory issues, food timing and variety limitations) and “special interests”, so common in Autism can assist in recovery. Barb highlights the skills of inducing calmness and assisting with emotional regulation, as vital before any food intervention. She will also give parents the skills to assist in advocating and accessing support for their child.

Many of our members have expressed that their loved one is autistic or they suspect they may be. A must for members who identify with their child experiencing both these conditions.

It is essential for everyone’s privacy that this recording is not shared, under any circumstances, to any other party. The recording is not downloadable. We thank you for respecting the privacy of our presenters and our members.