How to help strengthen your loved one’s healthy self – Carolyn Costin 4 February 2023

Carolyn Costin, US ED Clinician, Author, Trainer & International Speaker

Carolyn Costin MFT is a renown, sought-after eating disorder clinician, author of 6 books and international speaker.

Recovered herself and treating eating disorders since 1979, Carolyn was first to speak out that people with eating disorders can become fully recovered.

15 years into private practice and after running hospital units, Carolyn, unhappy with the relapse rate, recognised a need and opened Monte Nido, the first eating disorder residential facility.

Currently Carolyn trains and certifies eating disorder coaches at The Carolyn Costin Institute, filling another gap in support resources.

In this presentation, Carolyn discusses:

  • When FBT is not enough
  • Food is essential for your loved one’s ED recovery.. but of course, there’s more!
  • How to help parents contact and transform the Eating Disorder Self
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Guidelines for carers
  • Options for extra support, eg coaching
  • Nutritional therapy (eg zinc)
  • Learn strategies that helped Carolyn and consequently her clients, for the past 45 years, overcome the challenges of recovery.

The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session with Carolyn and the audience.

Carolyn is a passionate, inspiring force in the eating disorder field.

Read more on Carolyn’s website.

The slides from this webinar are available here.