Eating Disorders Research and Findings with Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor Tracey Wade 5 May 2022

Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor Tracey Wade discusses what the evidence tells us about the nature of eating disorders, including the influence of genetic factors, which temperaments confer most risk, and the importance of the environment – for both increasing and decreasing risk of the development of an eating disorder in youth. She will overview strategies for decreasing risk for the development of an eating disorder in young people, with a particular focus on managing expectations – from self and others.

Tracey has worked as a clinician in the area of eating disorders for almost 30 years and her current research interests are in the aetiology, prevention and treatment of eating disorders. She was awarded the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Early Career Award in 2003. In 2015 she was elected a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. In 2016 she was made an Inaugural Honorary Fellow of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy. In 2017-18 she was the president of the Eating Disorder Research Society. In 2019 she was appointed Fellow of the APS and was a recipient of the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED) Distinguished Achievement Award, and in 2020 she was the recipient of the Academy of Eating Disorders Outstanding Clinician Award. She is currently an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Eating Disorders. She is the director of the Flinders University Services for Eating Disorders (FUSED) and conducts research in a range of clinical settings. She has co-written 3 books and has over 200 publications in peer reviewed journals.

A Q&A session with Tracey and the audience forms part of this presentation.

Download a copy of the slides from this presentation here.