Art Therapy for Eating Disorders – Bindi Blacher 18 August 2022

Bindi Blacher speaks about art therapy as a psychotherapy for healing from an eating disorder.

Bindi is an Expressive Arts Therapist who facilitates psycho-therapeutic, creative engagement across the arts modalities for groups and individuals. She loves all things creative and holds a deep conviction that art is a powerful tool for healing and well-being.

Bindi is experienced working in a clinical environment, having worked as an Art Therapist with Arts in Health at Flinders Medical Centre for ten years. She specialises in working with people with eating disorders and has worked extensively with the State-wide Eating Disorder Service, both in hospital and with the outpatient program.

With a passion for mental health, Bindi has worked with adults and adolescents with anxiety disorders and depression, as well as children in foster care, people with a disability and those who are homeless. Bindi brings to her work an understanding of people with trauma and complex needs.

A qualified yoga teacher and certified meditation facilitator. Bindi incorporates her understanding of the body, breath, and mindful practice into a trauma- aware framework.

Bindi comes from a performing arts background as a singer/songwriter and guitarist, actor, performer, and teacher of drama, voice, and music. She takes a multi-modal approach to therapy, moving between forms of expression to meet the needs of the client.

Bindi has her Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Arts Practice through the Melbourne Institute of Expressive and Creative Arts Therapies and is a professional member of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association, the peak body for creative therapies.

Link to art therapy experience by a person with an eating disorder, referred to in this webinar, here.

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