Answers to Anorexia – Malnourished Minds by Dr James Greenblatt 9 July 2022

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Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a biological illness fundamentally sustained by starvation and malnutrition, whether self-imposed or the product of genetic, psycho-social, or environmental circumstances. Nutritional deficiencies arising from prolonged self-starvation profoundly disrupt normal brain function, and psychological interventions alone are often not sufficient for patients whose brain and neurotransmitter functioning is sub-optimal.

US board-certified child & adult psychiatrist, author and eating disorders expert, Dr James Greenblatt, explores new treatment solutions for anorexia nervosa. Dr Greenblatt will discuss current research, various treatment modalities and key nutritional deficiencies, and answer live questions about how to begin a path to lasting recovery.

A pioneer in the field of functional and integrative medicine, board-certified child and adult psychiatrist, James M Greenblatt, MD, has treated patients since 1988. After receiving his medical degree and completing his psychiatry residency at George Washington University, Dr Greenblatt completed a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Walden Behavioral Care in Dedham, MA.

Dr Greenblatt has lectured internationally on the scientific evidence for nutritional interventions in psychiatry and mental illness. He is the author of seven books, including Answers to Anorexia, Finally Focused: The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD, and his upcoming book Functional & Integrative Medicine for Antidepressant Withdrawal which will be released in Spring 2022.

Dr Greenblatt was inducted into the Orthomolecular Hall of Fame in 2017 by the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine. He is also the founder of Psychiatry Redefined, an educational platform dedicated to the transformation of psychiatry, which offers online courses, webinars, and fellowships for professionals. Dr Greenblatt is also the Medical Director of TZ Health, a virtual clinic dedicated to the personalised, integrative, and compassionate treatment of mental illness.

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The slides from this webinar are available here.