The final report of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System has been
released, making 65 recommendations for the transformation of Victoria’s current mental health
system. This will mean significant changes and improvements to the way that Victorians affected
by mental illness, including people with eating disorders and their families, carers or supporters,
access and receive care.

Here is an easy read summary of what the investigation discovered about our current mental health system.

Here is an easy read summary of the 65 recommendations made; all of which MUST be actioned

Better care. More inclusion. 

These recommendations are welcomed by EDFA and pleasing to know that people with mental health issues AND their families, carers or supporters will be given better care, more inclusion & the opportunity to speak up & be heard. 
Here are some of the recommendations which will be beneficial to people with eating disorders & those who care for them:
  • Everyone will be entitled to access better Mental Health care, regardless of location, age group, socioeconomic status, gender or sexual orientation, religious or cultural beliefs, differing literacy or language barriers, other physical challenges or addictions.
  • Services that communicate, act in a timely manner, more community support rather than waiting for symptoms to escalate needing emergency hospital management
  • Being pro-active in educating, promoting good mental health & reducing stigma around mental illnesses
  • Important services to be available 24 hours per day & 7 days per week, accessible to everyone in the community and provide a follow-up to check on well-being, kept accountable
  • Review of bed-based services, look at extending delivery of care in the home/community
  • Inclusion of family, carers and supporters
  • Peer support options
  • Address trauma and suicidality
  • Lived experience workforce in Mental Health- create jobs for those who have experienced ill mental health and for the family members/carers who have lived through it, to become leaders, trainers, mentors, contribute to research
  • Support organisations to provide families, carers & supporters information, including a new Government website
  • Work with families & carers to establish what they need, connect to supports, deliver peer support groups
  • A new law called ‘The Mental Health & Wellbeing Act’ will be developed to replace the current ‘Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic)’, which will ensure everyone who needs to can use the Mental Health system & that those in charge know what to do & where services are checked & kept accountable
  • Set new standards for Mental Health providers to meet
  • Funding for services to support the needs of those with mental health issues and their families, carers or supporters.

The full report can be viewed here