What is Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is a complex mental illness.  It is characterised by eating a large amount of food in a short window of time and can be highly distressing for the individual.  BED is not a lack of self control or willpower but is often a protective self-soothing mechanism to cope with overwhelming feelings and emotions. On average, BED is diagnosed when a person has an episode at least once a week for at least three months.

Managing BED requires compassion, kindness, skills and understanding!

Binge Eating Disorder EDFA

Binge Eating Carer Support Group

strive Carer Support Groups:
  • Provide a safe, supportive place for carers to meet in a semi-structured environment which allows for both knowledge sharing and peer support
  • Provide information and resources to assist parents and carers to understand eating disorders and their integrate role in recovery
  • Encourage empowerment of carers in their role in the recovery of the person with the eating disorder
  • Are run by trained volunteer carers, for carers


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 2023 Dates

strive Binge Eating Carer Support Group will run at 8:00pm AEDT on the following dates:

15th March | 21st June | 20th September | 20th December 

The Zoom link is available to EDFA members logged into the website here.

Support, Work, Trust and Courage

BED is an illness of secrecy and shame, and it often leads to our loved ones isolating. Sometimes when our loved ones are isolating, we give them “space” to disconnect. Please know that this is actually the opposite of what they need. They need to feel CONNECTED. They need to feel LOVED. They need to feel WANTED. 

If you notice your loved one isolating, please do not stand back. Try to create connection and let them know you want to spend time with them. Be supportive and engage them.

The most important thing is to get your loved one the help and support that they need and deserve. It takes a lot of support, work, trust, and courage to start stepping towards recovery.