Anon ARFID Carer Story

Seeing my daughter eat a full meal is my source of joy, along with my other children and my furbaby. 

My daughter was recently diagnosed with ARFID. The diagnosis has thrown me – it’s all new to me and it definitely isn’t an easy path to be on. 

She spent almost a month in hospital, but now we’re home. And this presents more new challenges. It’s the biggest struggle to get her to eat daily and as a single parent, I am finding it extremely stressful. Going through this daily on my own is just so difficult. I’ve also had to give up my job because my daughter is unable to attend school due to being so unwell. This disease has impacted me a lot. And of course, it is so hard on my daughter as well. 

We see our General Practitioner for regular check ups and attend an eating disorders clinic, but I am not finding that particularly helpful yet. 

At this point, I am wondering how other families survive?

Finding EDFA 

I am so new to this journey that I am still working on what I wish I had known sooner. I am sure that will become apparent at some stage. 

But I am pleased that I found EDFA. I have just joined and already I feel like I am in the right place. I am looking forward to attending the ARFID Support Group and connecting with others who are on the same journey as me.  

I can see that EDFA is doing a wonderful job to provide the care and support that we are unable to find elsewhere.

For more information on EDFA’s ARFID Support Group, click here