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Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time exploring the internet for podcasts aiming to empower those and their loved ones experiencing an eating disorder. Below, I’ve listed some that have resonated with me and believe would have a powerful impact on carers too. If you’re new to podcasts, I’ve listed a single episode under each description that struck a chord with me and potentially may help guide you begin your listening journey. All episodes are available via the podcast feature on Apple or Spotify. 

Just Eat Normally: Eating Disorder Recovery

Narrated by Psychologist Rachel Evans, interviewees range from eating disorder survivors to healthcare experts. With conversations primarily aimed at shifting the perspectives of those currently on their recovery journey, many episodes are exclusively tailored to carers. One in particular that stood out describes how to support a loved one during a major holiday where the extent to which they feel safe in how or when they eat is heavily restricted. Check it out: 

Mini-series (4): How to support someone with an eating disorder at Christmas time [31 minutes]. 


Summed up in one word – inspirational. Reflecting on how an eating disorder consumed much of her early adolescence and adulthood, Imogen beautifully articulates the thoughts and emotions that overcame her at the depths of her eating disorder. Each episode affords the listener an opportunity to vividly walk in the shoes of those affected by an eating disorder, and in turn, be better equipped to support them and understand that the journey to healing is anything but linear. An episode I found especially powerful was ‘What It’s Actually Like to Live with An Eating Disorder’ [45 minutes]. Here, Imogen reads out statements her listeners sent her about their unique eating disorder experience. 

ED Matters 

The primary drive of this podcast is to provide evidence-based education that is helpful for anyone wanting to develop a greater knowledge base – whether you’re someone trying to recover, affected family members and friends, or a practising clinician. Many episodes are driven by a particular theme underlying the eating disorder journey, one resonating with me being Hope for 2021 [Episode 222, 15 minutes]. The content is easily digestible, with the length of most episodes in the 25-minute range. 

Eating Disorder Recovery Speakers with Kristen Brunello

This podcast is essentially a platform that those recovering from an eating disorder can use to share their journey of recovery on. Sharing tales of strength and hope, each eating disorder survivor aims to empower the belief in those listening that recovery is possible. One podcast in particular provided a beautiful narration of one’s lived experience, providing meaningful advice to parents with a child experiencing an eating disorder: was Elena – Shake Up Your Life, Reshape Your World! [1 hour, 5minutes].

Recovery Talk

This podcast is hosted by eating disorder recovery coach, Amalie Lee. Her podcasts range from discussing her own lived experience in her earlier years, to the profound insights she has gained as a result of working with affected clientele on a daily basis. One of the most meaningful podcasts I’ve watched to date was her episode ‘Supporting Someone With an Eating Disorder’ [Episode 53, 43 minutes]. At times I found myself thinking – that’s how I felt but couldn’t put into words at the time. For example – the affected individual mirroring their relationship to food and exercise to that of a ‘safe person’ in their lives.

 The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

Driven by a perfect balance of humor and compassion, respected clinical psychologist who recovered from anorexia nervosa, provides a platform discussing everything eating disorder related. This podcast is not constricted to one eating disorder, discussing recovery through lenses such as binge-eating, disordered eating, and exercise addiction. This podcast is recommended to any carer seeking a healthy balance of evidence-based and advice from lived experience. A beautiful episode I encourage you to watch is ‘Intuitive Movement and Exercise’ [Episode 49, 37 minutes].

Butterfly Podcast

What is unique about this episode is that it’s aimed at the siblings of those with an eating disorder. Upon listening you are offered the insight of both Clinical Director Ranjani Utpala and perspective of three siblings Adam, Rose, and Jessica. Speaking from lived experience, they aim to provide each listener with their own frustrations and moments of hopelessness – offering advice they would want others in a similar position to theirs, whether other siblings or carers, to know. Check it out at: [27 minutes]

ED Parenting Practical Tips  with Ginny Jones

The host Ginny Jones is an absolute double whammy – wearing the hats of eating disorder expert and parent coach. Her episodes are primarily aimed at speaking to parents with young children and offering words of wisdom around creating a peaceful environment to better facilitate recovery. Her content is easily digestible with episodes primarily around the 10-minute mark. A beautiful episode I recommend is ‘She’s never happy anymore’ [Episode 18, 12 minutes] where a parent discloses anger and sadness have overcome her child amidst battling an eating disorder. 

Eating Disorders Recovery Podcast with Tabitha Farrar

This podcast is anything but one-size fits all. What is so unique about it is the diverse range of individuals that are interviewed such as experts, parents, and individuals experiencing an eating disorder. Primarily structured around providing listeners with evidence-based treatment around recovery from an eating disorder, it provides brilliant academic education in each episode. An episode that truly resonated with me was ‘Recovery stories: how allowing my parents to re-feed me saved my life’ [Episode 43, 25 minutes] – filled with so much emotion, it’s sure to bring both some tears and smiles.

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

Hosted by an accredited nutritionist, this podcast aims to encourage each listener to develop an accepting and intuitive relationship with food. With over 300 episodes to pick from, ranging from the ten-minute to one-hour mark. Beautifully guided by safe language, Christy ensures each person in recovery from an eating disorder is made to feel comfortable around their relationship with food. The content is highly informative for carers too.  An episode that I found interesting was ‘How to heal your relationship with food’ [Episode 292, 13 minutes] – finding that I too noted down some tips for cooking meals with my family.

I would definitely recommend this one on Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) by Dr Adele Lafrance.  Very helpful for communication and learning how to validate the other’s experience to reduce conflict and develop better relationships.  Carers are guaranteed to gain important knowledge, tools and empowerment from this episode.  Dr Adele Lafrance is a clinical psychologist, research scientist, author, and co-developer of emotion-focused treatment modalities, including Emotion-Focused Family Therapy.