Celebrating the first month of EDFA’s Fill The Gap counselling service

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We’re about to celebrate the first month of EDFA’s Fill The Gap counselling service. In our first month of operations, more than 60 carers have attended appointments with our lived experience counsellors. The feedback has been overwhelming positive. 

So if you haven’t yet booked in for a FREE online session and are wondering how to do so, here are some tips from Fill The Gap Counsellor Rowena Brookes

Making the appointment:

We recommend getting to know our Fill The Gap Administration Assistant Susan Donald by giving her a call on 03 9125 5670. Susan is able to answer all your questions and will help you to find the earliest available appointment at time that suits you. 

You can also book online here – just follow the instructions to make an appointment. Please note that appointment times will convert to your local times, no matter where you are located in Australia. 

You will then receive an appointment confirmation via email. This includes a link to an intake form, which needs to be completed before your first session. This intake form gives us some basic information about you that we need for our records.

You will receive an appointment reminder via email and text two days before your appointment. Two days before your appointment, you will receive an appointment reminder via email and text message. This message will also include the link to join your video call.

You will also receive a survey before your first appointment. This survey (and any future ones you receive) help us to identify why you have engaged in our service, what you find helpful, and ways that we can improve. All surveys are anonymous.

Your appointment:

Find a safe, private, and uninterrupted space where you feel comfortable to chat. Click on the link provided in your reminder email and connect to the call via video. Each session is 45 minutes long.  

In the first appointment, your counsellor will take a few moments to explain our service to you and make sure you understand confidentiality and what you can expect from the Fill The Gap service. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

The first appointment is often about hearing your story, finding out what brings you to the service and how we can support you going forward. The counsellor will ask you some questions to help understand your situation better. Feel free to tell your counsellor as much as you feel comfortable talking about.

This is a good time to chat about what you need from us and some goals you might have. If you aren’t sure what you need or what your goals are, that’s okay! We can figure that out together.

Your counsellor can make your next appointment before the call ends.


  • As much as possible, connect with a reliable internet source.
  • Have some tissues handy and a glass of water.
  • Counselling sessions can be draining and emotional. Go easy on yourself after the session. Try and do something calm and peaceful for yourself in the hours after the appointment. A 10-minute walk or a quiet cup of tea in your garden can be helpful.

As counsellors, we have lived experience in caring for someone with an eating disorder. We understand the unpredictability that life can bring. Although I’ve outlined what an ideal session and set up might look like, we understand that this might not be your reality. That’s okay! If you need to make a cuppa while you connect, get interrupted or need to take the call on the go, that works for us. Please feel free to link into our service as you are.

We look forward to meeting you.

For a confidential chat or to help answer any of your questions, call Administration Assistant Susan on 03 9125 5670 or email