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Thank you to our education session presenters who have generously shared their knowledge and time to benefit our EDFA Community.

Learning from others with expertise in many areas of eating disorder research, evidence based treatments, adjunctive therapies and approaches which support self-care, self-belief, compassion and mindfulness, all help to provide a rich tapestry of information for families to digest and consider whether helpful for their loved one, themselves or other family members.

We are thrilled to be able to offer these education sessions, and information about these services to our members. If you are interested in reaching out for further information or to enquire about their services, you can find details below. 

As mentioned at the beginning of all our education sessions, EDFA does not endorse certain practitioners or therapies.  We work to bring a balanced array of information to our members, to increase knowledge, up-skill carers and raise awareness of options which may suit some families. 

Engaging the services of any of our speakers is at your discretion and EDFA accepts no liability in respect of these services.

Practitioners, therapists, services and more.

Sarah McMahon 

Sarah McMahon is a Psychologist and Director of BodyMatters. The BodyMatters mandate extends beyond the treatment of people with eating issues and body shame to engaging in advocacy and prevention initiatives. Sarah has worked in the field of eating disorders for approximately 20 years, supporting hundreds of people to achieve recovery. She is a regular voice in the media and has written several book chapters.

Bindi Blacher Expressive Arts Therapist

Sometimes words are not enough to express your experience. Arts can be an effective alternative, alongside verbal communication, to help re-frame your lived experience, and build healthy coping tools.

Professor Leonie Callaway

Professor Leonie Callaway is a general and obstetric physician. She has interests in obesity, metabolism, diabetes, hypertension, adverse childhood experiences and weight-based stigma and discrimination. Leonie has a passionate interest in doctors wellbeing and the broad range of issues that confront women in medicine.

 Dr. James Greenblatt

Founded by integrative psychiatrist, Dr. James Greenblatt, Psychiatry Redefined is an educational platform offering training in functional and integrative psychiatry. We provide comprehensive, evidence-based, and practical clinician-led courses, webinars, and conferences, to help treat the root cause of psychiatric disorders, and utilize personalized medicine protocols in practice. We have 25+ online, self-paced courses on many topics, including courses on binge-eating and anorexia, an online conference on binge-eating and food addictionfree webinars on binge-eating and anorexia, and Dr. Greenblatt’s books, Answers to Anorexia (2021 edition) and Integrative Medicine for Binge-Eating.

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Eating Disorders Families Australia delivers twice-monthly education webinars for families and carers of those individuals with eating disorders. 

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