Clinicians and Services

Eating disorders are more likely to thrive and persist when there is a lack of engagement of families and carers in the clinical care of the sufferer.

EDFA will facilitate and advocate for clinicians to:

  • Better appreciate the value of allying with families and carers
  • Access standards for families’ and carers’ involvement in treatment
  • Develop organisational/clinical capacity for inclusion of families and carers in an active role.
Eating Disorder clinician working with families and including them in recovery plan

Information for Clinicians

As a clinician or a service provider, you will find many advantages to working closely with families and carers in treatment…including better outcomes for patients.

TBT-S is eating disorder treatment for older adolescents and adults

Learn about TBT-S

TBT-S (Temperament Based Therapy with Supports), is eating disorder treatment for older adolescents and adults. TBT-S recognises the values of family supports in treatment.

Are you a service provider or clinician interested in having an inservice run by an ‘expert carer’?

Please get in touch to find out what is available in your area. We are very interested in working with clinicians and services looking to improve the way they integrate families and carers.

Learn about TBT-S (Temperament Based Therapy with Supports) here.

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