Setting up additional family members

Step one: open a new tab

Click here to open up a new tab and complete the set up of additional family members. This will automatically open up a new tab.

Step two: go to My Account

You will need to log in.

Type your email address (this is the one you used when signing up) and password. Then click ‘Log in’. 

Step three: go to Subscriptions


You will then see further options appear.

Click on Sub Accounts.

Step four: add your family members as Sub Accounts

Click Add Sub Account.

Add the following details for your family member: Email, First Name and Last Name.

Make sure to tick ‘Send the New members the welcome email’ – this will ensure they receive their own email with instructions of how to set up a password to login.

Click ‘Submit’.

Please note

You will need to complete the last step (step 4) for each of the additional family members before they can be added to your account. You can have a total of four family member accounts (including your own).

After you have added family members as Sub Accounts, they will each receive their own Welcome email from EDFA. This will take them through the steps to set up their own password to login. 

Please email for any membership queries.