A Sibling’s Story

Luke aged 17 

’EDFAs Sibling Support Group has allowed me to talk about my struggles with like-minded people who understand what it means to have a sibling with an Eating Disorder. It has helped me to understand the motives and internal struggles that drive a person with an eating disorder, and how to better look out for my sister.

Eating DIsorder Sibling Support Group Story

Shared struggles

The sessions have allowed me to look at Eating Disorders differently, and to better understand my sister. I have learned how to best deal with her struggles, which has involved reminding her that she is heard and understood. 

It is easy to feel distanced from your sibling, and the group has helped to reassure me. Some of my other siblings also attend the group and it has helped us to all ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to dealing with and helping our sister.

My emotional needs

 I have learned the importance of valuing my own emotional needs, even when it feels my parents and family should be focusing on helping my sister. I have learned that I need to be able to talk about my own personal issues for my own state of mind, as well as to allow me to best support those around me who need it. Going to Sibling Support Group has been useful to help me maintain my health and wellbeing. The sessions are helpful especially when I have been around family all day. 

What happens at Sibling Support Group?

The sessions usually begin with introductions and ‘hello’s’, followed by an educational aspect that focuses on different Eating Disorders each week. After this we are sent into smaller groups with people of a similar age, and we are given the opportunity to talk to each other about what has happened in the last month and how we are feeling about it.

I like unwinding during the sessions and getting things off my chest. I like the casual nature of the sessions. Everyone in the group makes having conversations easy, and the facilitators make sure we are all included. 

I find it very easy to talk about otherwise difficult topics in a more light-hearted way, and this is what has helped me to feel a connection with the group. We have all been through similar experiences, and it is validating and reassuring to know the hardships and internal conflicts that accompany living with an ED are normal.

Ready to join EDFA’s Sibling Support Group?

Sibling Support Groups will be held on the second Thursday of every month via Zoom. Check the events calendar here.

To reserve a spot for your child:

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Return forms to admin@edfa.org.au.

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