The Benefits of Recovery Coaching for Eating Disorders – Olivia Soha, Recovery Coach 16 June 2022

Olivia, CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coach and founder of Uncovery, talks about how recovery coaching can support individuals with eating disorders to transform their relationship with food and how they view their body in order to reclaim their lives.

Through her own lived experience with an eating disorder several years ago, Olivia was inspired to make treatment and recovery services more accessible in Australia. Olivia spent 6 months in the United States working at BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™, as both a recovery coach and a residential treatment liaison, researching various treatment modalities. This inspired her to train with The Carolyn Costin Institute™, and bring the innovative and necessary Eating Disorder Coaching service to Australia.

The session includes a brief introduction from the Uncovery team – Sarah McKenzie, Charlotte Sneessons and Courtney Moretti and a Q&A session with the audience.