Interoception – Addressing the Mind/Body Connection Assisting ED Recovery – Jasmin Watson 4 August 2022

Jasmin Watson, Occupational Therapist, Barwon Health, CEED Team Leader, Founder of Embody Space

Interoception involves sensing the internal (physiological) workings of the body and giving feedback on the internal state of one’s being.

Interoception and the physiological state of the body are thought to play a role in emotion and body image. There is emerging evidence in the field of neurobiology that identifies interoception impairment as a common feature for people experiencing an eating disorder.

In this webinar we hear an overview of interoception, and how it impacts and contributes to our loved one’s eating disorder symptoms.

Jasmin explores the role of embodiment approaches to strengthen interoceptive awareness as well as provide practical tools for families and carers to use to support interoceptive development in their loved one.

Jasmin is a registered Occupational Therapist experienced in providing mental health support for young people and adults. She has worked in both public and private sectors across Melbourne and Geelong, specialising in the treatment of eating disorders and body image challenges. Jasmin has a particular interest in the use of sensory, somatic, and embodied-based approaches to treatment. Jasmin has experience in providing training, supervision, and consultation, as well as providing clinical supervision for eating disorder clinicians and Occupational Therapists. At the heart of Jasmin’s work ethic is a strong desire to improve treatment options and outcomes for people living with eating disorders in Australia.

Jasmin provides treatment for people with eating disorders and body image concerns at Barwon Health using a combination of therapy styles including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-Enhanced for eating disorders (CBT-E), Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), Family Based Treatment (FBT) and Temperament Based Therapy with Supports (TBT-S). Jasmin is Team Leader at the Victorian Centre for Excellence in Eating Disorders and the founder of Embody Space.