Prof. Tony Attwood Webinar Success

EDFA’s recent Autism & Eating Disorders webinar, presented by Professor Tony Attwood, world renowned clinical psychologist, and hosted by Jan Clarke, ED Educator and Consultant of the Bronte Centre, was enlightening, validating and couldn’t have come quickly enough for those in the eating disorders community!   

The webinar attracted over 200 registrants from all over the globe – clinicians, carers, parents and those living with an eating disorder.

Feedback from the webinar has been overwhelmingly positive..

Today you organised an amazing heartfelt professional to step into our homes and hearts. Prof Tony Attwood is a learned gift! I sobbed with relief through his entire presentation that someone in a position of power is championing for what our kids truly need. He knows it, he gets it, he speaks it.

“Thank you to Jan Clarke for the beautiful way you intertwined the audience’s questions, concerns, stories, etc through Tony’s presentation. You were gorgeous, kind and knowledgeable as usual.”

“We need to have this information spread far and wide.”

A couple of years ago my daughter with severe enduring anorexia nervosa implored me to look at Professor Tony Attwood. In her passionate research she had come across articles on the relationship with the inability to recover from anorexia with weak central coherence which in turn impacts on fragmented processing and weak executive functioning. We embraced this, she got a diagnosis of ASD and her professional support has since changed and she is now committed to recovery.”

Webinar available to purchase for a limited time

This webinar is available for purchase and view until 31st May 2021