‘The Disappearing Sister’ Free book for members

EDFA is delighted to offer all our financial members a free copy of the book ‘The Disappearing Sister – the true story of a Child’s View on Dealing with Anorexia’, kindly donated by the author, Elizabeth Cummings.


What do you do when someone you care about is hurting, when their behaviour is making it worse? How can you help them if you are the youngest and no one is listening? 

A moving yet hopeful account of a family working together to help a loved one recover their health.

A well-crafted picture book touching on the subject of eating disorders in a gentle and child-friendly way.’

A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

“Great book written as a story from the point of view of a younger sibling with an older sibling who has anorexia.” Parent

Postage costs are $6.00

Add an EDFA baton for $5

EDFA has created a baton concept to share key facts and help others understand that eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice. Our relay batons are symbolic of the sharing of important information which must occur with all members of the treatment team. 

The team must stay on track, working together, passing the same message to one another, setting boundaries and keeping the individual safe.

Members can purchase a baton for $5 when they order their free copy of ‘The Disappearing Sister’. Your support helps us to support you.


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