TBT-S (Temperament Based Therapy with Supports) is eating disorder treatment for adolescents and adults.

Eating Disorder Families Australia has an Australian based committee focused on conducting research, and providing education and information to clinicians, health professionals and families.

TBT-S Committee

Don Irvine TBT-S Committee EDFADonald Irvine

Co-Founder, EDFA Volunteer, EDFA TBT-S Committee Chair

Don Irvine is a passionate mental health advocate holding a Certificate IV in Mental Health and Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer work. Co-Founder of EDFA, and chair of TBT’S Committee, Don has sat on mental health committees and boards for over 10 years striving for change and progress in the way mental health is managed amongst Australians, particularly Eating Disorders.

Don was the Project Manager for EDFA’s 2019 series of TBT-S carer/clinician workshops and training events across Australia and New Zealand which brought US of A based expert clinicians to facilitate those Australian and New Zealand workshops and training events.  

Gordon Brockway,

Founding member and director of EDFA and founding chair of the EDFA board of directors

Gordon Brockway has actively supported his daughter with an eating disorder for over 12 years. Gordon was co-founder and founding chair of EDFA and is now an active part of EDFA’s TBT-S Committee. 

David Quilty

EDFA Board Member, TBT-S Committee Member

“I am a parent who has supported a child with an eating disorder.  My expertise is in government and stakeholder relations. I represent EDFA on the Eating Disorders Alliance Australia, working with other organisations like the Butterfly Foundation, and I also sit on the TBT-S Committee, working closely with EDFA’s volunteer strive facilitator in the ACT.”   

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Clinical Advisory Members

Tracey Wade, Matthew Flinders Distinguised Pfoessor of Psychology

Director, Orama Institute for Mental Health and Well-Being, the Blackbird Initiative, Flinders University Services for Eating Disorders

Tracey Wade is a distinguished Professor of Psychology at Flinders University. She is interested, and actively pursues hearing about and evaluating new interventions.  She believes TBT-S is a relevant treatment option because the eating disorder field needs more interventions that allow meaningful involvement of families.  As a researcher and clinician, she is hoping we are able to participate in more evaluation of TBT-S and how it can be applied and work in Australia.

Sally Jacobs

Based in Brisbane, Sally brings a combination of both lived experience and clinical experience to the TBT-S Committee. After living with and recovering from a long and challenging battle with both anorexia and bulimia nervosa, Sally’s involvement in the eating disorder and general mental health space as a lived experience consultant, care coordinator, service navigator, recovery coach, advocate and speaker collectively spans over five years.

Sally has completed further postgraduate studies in mental health and paramedicine (extended care).

Kate Pearson, (BA Hons, MPsychClin) Registered Clinical Psychologist

Kate is a clinician, who is aware of the significant impact on the individual as well as their family and friends. 

Kate believes TBT-S provides education that demystifies eating disorders, fostering greater understanding which can help unite individuals and their supports. Additionally, TBT-S seeks to “work to the trait”, meaning it seeks to use an individuals natural temperament and personality traits which may have contributed to their illness as assets that can also be used to support their recovery. Kate hopes to assist in creating opportunities to further understand TBT-S in an Australian population, allowing for more research and to bring together emerging research with innovative new treatment approaches