Recharge 4 Recovery for the month of June 2023

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Families and carers of those living with an eating disorder often experience heightened levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and social isolation. And yet, they are the front line of care and crucial to their loved one’s recovery.

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) is proud to launch its Recharge 4 Recovery campaign, providing renewed energy to carers through a wellbeing focus and community support throughout June.

As well as donating to support our services, we invite everyone to take part in our month of quick and easy wellbeing activities. Follow us on social media to recharge yourself and support carers. 

The EDFA ‘Hope’ Pendant Auction will run throughout June. EDFA aims to raise at least $10,000 to support and educate thousands of families and carers throughout Australia.

The ‘Hope’ Pendant is a unique, custom-designed piece inspired by the stories of carers as well as the designer’s own family experience. 

 Check out our auction here.

Why do carers need to Recharge for Recovery?

When someone is diagnosed with an eating disorder, it’s a crisis. 

When it comes to eating disorders, families and carers are the front line support in treatment and recovery.

They need the same support as our front line health care workers. EDFA provides some of this support, but more is needed. 

Recharge 4 Recovery will provide a wellness and support program to carers throughout the month of June, while driving support from the wider community.

  1. Recharge yourself so you can go the distance with your loved one’s recovery. 
  2. Recharge EDFA’s services – to ensure we are here with you and to support, educate, and advocate for you as you undertake the recovery journey.
  3. Recharge the community’s awareness of how eating disorders impact families and those they are caring for.

"I knew our lives would never be the same, and we just got on with the battle. I left my new job. I gave up trying to help anyone but our daughter. We never left the house. Our days were full of appointments and supervising her safety. The life we knew and had worked hard to achieve was gone." - Jennifer

"Recharge 4 Recovery' Fundraising total to date

Recharge 4 Recovery will run during the month of June. We aim to raise funds, which will help EDFA reach more families in need around Australia. 

We do ask that you please let your friends, family and business owners know about our campaign and see if they would like to contribute, before the end of the financial year. 
Donate via link below. 

Thank you to our generous Sponsors so far of Recharge 4 Recovery: