EDucation is key for carers

Having a loved one experience an eating disorder places families and carers under incredible stress for extended periods of time. We know that eating disorder education is vital.

We also know there is hope…and that with support and education, families can come through the recovery journey.

EDFA runs national education and information webinars twice-monthly, with each webinar presented by a lived experience or clinical expert in the Eating Disorder field.

Parent learning about eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia at a seminar.

Because here at EDFA, we recognise that by educating parents, we are encouraging and empowering them to advocate for their loved one and for themselves…and to recognise that if something doesn’t feel right for their child, to question it.

Eating Disorder Webinars

We run twice-monthly eating disorder education webinars so we are able to effectively up-skill our members, providing resources and information on evidence based, emerging and adjunctive therapies.  

Experience has shown us this helps members to be more effective, informed and compassionate carers. 


Over 160 hours of EDucation to watch


What is TBT-S? 

It is Temperament Based Therapy with Supports, which is eating disorder treatment for older adolescents and adults.


TBT-S is an emerging and novel neurobiologically based treatment that works with clients’ temperament to motivate change and to manage and reduce symptoms. TBT-S fills the gap between research and clinical practice by acknowledging and treating underlying brain-based factors. It treats to clients’ traits which tend to trigger their symptoms.

EDFA is providing opportunities for Clinicians to learn more about TBT-S from US Neuropsychologist Dr Christina Wierenga on 20 August via webinar. If you missed it, check back. We will have this webinar available for sale soon. 

We also have ongoing webinars from the expert US clinicians who brought this training to Australia.