Complimentary TBT-S Webinar for clinicians and carers

EDFA is excited to offer clinicians, services, parents and carers the opportunity to watch a new webinar on transformative new eating disorder treatment TBT-S (Temperament Based Therapy with Supports)

Key speakers included world-renowned eating disorder expert and speaker Dr Laura Hill, Carmel Fleming of Queensland Eating Disorder Service, Michelle Roberton of The Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders, Tamara Worotniuk of Epworth Hospital and Jasmin Watson of Geelong Clinic.  

This incredible panel discusses how to apply TBT-S, in an practice Australian setting.

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  • Christine  Wierenga: Interoception
  • Stephanie Knatz-Peck Applying TBT-S and Its Principles to Young Adults
  • Laura Hill: Impact on Decision Making
  • Laura Hill: Treat to Trait
  • Laura Hill applying TBT-S in my practice
  • Professor Walter Kaye MD discussing the Neuroscience underlying