Strong Enough Podcast

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Strong Enough

Strong Enough is the new podcast from Eating Disorders Families Australia.
Created for a world-wide audience of carers and families impacted by eating disorders, we speak to leaders in the field of research as well as specialists in education, advocacy and self-care. We also hear from those with lived experience who are bravely sharing their biggest challenges and successes in the caring journey.

This podcast has been made possible through the generous fundraising efforts of EDFA members Leah Ward and Alanna McInerney, and the team at Teleflex Medical Australia & New Zealand. 

When a loved one is diagnosed with an eating disorder, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this first episode of Strong Enough, Executive Director Jane Rowan talks us through EDFA’s eating disorder diagnosis checklist, using her lived experience as a carer for a daughter diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

You can download the Diagnosis To Do List here.

Leah’s daughter had been struggling with mental health challenges when an eating disorder diagnosis rocked the family. In this heartfelt podcast, Leah talks us through those first days, the signs and signals she noticed, her experiences finding the health team her daughter needed and navigating the fear of a diagnosis.

She discusses how joining EDFA’s eating disorder support group for carers helped her survive and thrive PLUS offers her top three tips on how to support someone with an eating disorder.