There are some incredible people doing incredible work to fundraise for EDFA.

We call them our Fundraising Champions, and we are so grateful for their commitment and dedication to raising money for Eating Disorders Families Australia.

Over the coming months we will be highlighting the special individuals who help us provide the very best level of support for families and carers

We would like to send a huge thank you to Beth, a 20 year old who recently started her own small business called @stitched_and_loved. Beth is kindly donating 25% of every order directly to EDFA. Beth creates beautiful hand stitched designs, each with a message of hope and strength. 

Beth hopes that her trinkets “provide hope and inspire those also struggling with their mental health and/or eating disorders… a reminder there is hope and joy in life.”

Beth’s parents have been EDFA members since 2016. Beth says “EDFA has helped and supported my parents…I am eternally grateful”.

Congratulations Elise - our latest Fundraising Champion!

Elise Marcianti is fully recovered from a lengthy battle with an eating disorder and now, years later, has just completed her first ever marathon! “Today made me realise how privileged I am to have a healthy body free of disease and illness with the opportunity to run at an event. Never take your physical and mental health for granted!”

Elise chose to support EDFA because of “the continual selfless work it does to help families care for their love ones who have eating disorders – such as my family when I was unwell.”

Our sincere appreciation to Elise and to everyone who showed their support by donating to EDFA or being there on race day.

“I wanted to raise awareness for EDFA as the impact my illness had on my family was devastating and I can only imagine how many other families have been impacted. Seeing the pain my family went through too was hard as they were often left feeling hopeless, lost and unsure.  Donating to EDFA helps to raise money to bring more education, resources and tools to help support families and to help them gain a better understanding.

I can’t thank my parents enough for everything they’ve done for me and coming on the day to cheer me on!   To all the families out there please know there is hope and recovery is possible!

Nikki Langman, pictured bottom left, has been a part of my training program. She’s written a book called How to be a Badass and has been an inspiration to me!”

Fundraisers, Bunnings BBQ's and in-house donations

A huge,  hearty thank you to Leah Ward, Alanna McInerney and the team at Teleflex*. 

The team at Teleflex have raised over $14000 for families who support loved ones with an eating disorder.

They achieved this through in-house fundraisers, donations from Teleflex staff,  and six Bunnings bbq’s held in NSW and Victoria, staffed by Teleflex employees, their friends and EDFA volunteers. 

Oh, and did we mention they had loads of fun?

“Fundraising for EDFA was my way of saying thank you  for all of the incredible support I have received and I watch others receive as well. The team at EDFA are gold! “

“It was fun to bring people together for the BBQ’s as well as run activities at work. My colleague Alanna and I also shared our stories to draw a spotlight on Eating Disorders and it was amazing to watch our colleagues, friends and families put their hands in their pockets to help or join in the sausage flipping”.

“It was a very rewarding experience!”

Books for our members

Thanks to the hardwork and dedication of our Fundraising Champions, we will be able to gift our members with their choice of an educational book (titles to come).

Thanks Leah, Alanna and the team. You truly are champions.

*Teleflex are a global provider of medical technologies and they strive to improve the health and quality of people’s lives.

Abi Andrew - Marathon Runner and Fundraising Champion

Abi Andrew is a true Fundraising Champion!

Abi’s close friend has Anorexia Nervosa, and she has seen first hand what the illness has done to her friend, and her family. 

“I’m running for a cause that is incredibly close to my heart. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses, they aren’t just a fad diet taken too far”.

After months of training, Abi ran the 42k Gold Coast Marathon on the 3rd July. 

Abi used Grassrootz to accept sponsors for the run, and chose EDFA as the charity she wanted to support, and donate the funds to.

100% of the monies raised will go directly to support families of loved ones with an eating disorder.

“I did it!!! I’m still in shock. I’ve  had so many people be so supportive, and I really did feel motivated knowing I was running for such an incredibly important cause”.

Abi raised $1,623.25  for EDFA and we are incredibly for your support.