Carer’s Balancing Act: Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration workshop Sydney Sept 2 2017

Josie Geller will be conducting a half day workshop looking at the carer’s collaboration with their loved one in conjunction with ANZAED’s annual conference.

This workshop is aimed at carers. Professionals attending the conference are also welcome to attend.

How does it feel when we are not on the same page as our loved one? What is going on when despite our best intentions, we feel frustrated, impatient or disconnected? What gets in the way of being collaborative and compassionate when the going gets tough?

A collaborative stance is a cornerstone of eating disorder therapies and a non-judgemental attitude that emphasises patient choice is a key feature of interventions. Unfortunately, research has shown that despite carer, therapist and client preferences for a collaborative approach, it is common for us to drift from using this stance, and to be more directive than we wish.

The purpose of this workshop is to help carers identify barriers to maintaining a collaborative stance with their loved one and to explore ways that mindfulness and compassion can help in overcoming these barriers. This workshop will be useful for carers of youth or adults with eating disorders.

The workshop will begin with a review of recent studies on collaborative and directive stance and factors that are associated with barriers to use of an optimal stance. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect upon their experiences and learn strategies, including use of mindfulness and compassion that assist in maintaining a collaborative stance in situations where it is most needed.

ANZAED Special Carer’s rate when Registering

Carers: a special day-registration is available for carers on Saturday. This includes:
8:30 – 10am – Conference keynote session featuring Kate Carnell AO
10 – 10:30 – Morning tea
10:30 – 2:45 – Carer workshop by Josie Geller (lunch included)
2:45 – 3:15 afternoon tea
Reduced cost for carers: $180.00. with a further discount of $60.00 if the code word is used when registering.

A limited number of $60 discounts are also available, courtesy Nestlé Health Science. Use the code Nestle HealthScience to receive your discount

To register go to

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