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EFFT Scripts for Carers


EDucation Webinar Resources

Emotion Focused Family Therapy for ED slides here

Dr James Greenblatt ‘Answers to Anorexia slides here

Exercise & Eating Disorders slides here

Slides – Carer Gateway Support here

Metreleptin for Anorexia Nervosa slides here

  • Developing a Positive & Sustainable Relationship with Food – Shane Jeffrey slides
  • The RAVES Model

EFT International Free Tapping Manual here

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Carer slides here

Recovery Coaching for Eating Disorders Slides – Olivia Soha slides here

Crisis Management for Eating Disorders – Dr Suzy Redston Slides here

Medical Complications of Eating Disorders – Dr Gaudiani  slides here

Compassion Focused Therapy for ED & PTSD slides here

New Maudsley Resources – Jenny Langley slides here

Carolyn Costin – Strengthening the Healthy Self slides here

Understanding HAES – Fiona Willer slides here

Carer Support – InsideOut Institute  slides here

 Dr James Greenblatt ‘Answers to Anorexia’ – Australian Nutrient Supplements slides here

Binge Eating Disorder Resource – Josephine Money slides here

NEDC Projects & Resources slides here

Adele Lafrance ‘Emotions, Spirituality and Psychedelics’ slides here

GP’s role in Eating Disorder recovery 


Brain Stimulation for eating disorders – Ulrike Schmidt, Michaela Flynn, Lucy Gallop here

Negotiating the pathway for your loved one who is becoming medically or mentally unstable with an eating disorder here


Tony Attwood Autism and Eating Disorders 

Summary here 

Eva Musby slides here

 Binge Eating   Disorder     presentation  slides   here

 Decreasing Risk   for   the  Development of   Eating Disorders   in   Young People –  Prof   Tracey Wade slides here

Trauma and Eating Disorders with Dr Suzy Redston here


An Overview of Treatment Options for Eating Disorders – Carmel Fleming here

Peta Stapleton ‘Tapping’

Peta Stapleton ‘Tapping’ Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping Presentation Handouts here

Energy Psychology for eating disorders here

Ultimate Tapping Guide here

EFT Overview Document for Eating Disorders here

Table Tops and Legs here

Spinal Tap for Dogs 1 here

Spinal Tap for Cats here