As a national organisation, we provide empathetic and helpful support to families and carers across the country and beyond. Our services cover the breadth of the eating disorder journey, from first diagnosis to recovery, relapse and maintenance. Our services include strive Carer Support GroupsEducation seminars, resources, mentoring, treatment and clinician advice.

There are many ways you can get involved with Eating Disorders Families Australia. Here are just a few.

Become a Member

We are a volunteer run, not for profit organisation. We recognise that through peer support, mentoring and education, your journey with your loved one will be a supported one.  Membership is just $25 a year.

Corporate Sponsorship

EDFA would not exist without the generous support of our corporate sponsors and our members. Get in touch to see how your sponsorship can help us support parents, carers and families affected by an eating disorder.

Make a Donation to EDFA

EDFA supports and advocates for parents and carers as they battle to save their loved one from an eating disorder. We rely on fundraising and donations to keep our work going and 100% goes back into the organisation. Every donations is tax-deductible.

Volunteer with EDFA


We welcome volunteers to work across our volunteer run not for profit organisation. If you have time and skills, we’d love to hear from you. We are currently looking for volunteers in fundraising, sponsorship and new business development.

We run events year round, including education and information sessions, bi-monthly clinician and services webinars, as well as our annual ‘Pass the Baton’ Ball for Eating Disorders. Find our events calendar here and bookmark for easy use.