EDFA's child safety policies

These Child Safety Policies and Code of Conduct outlines the commitment of EDFA to making our workplace and our work child safe.

It informs all staff, and anyone working with the EDFA, of their obligations to act ethically towards children and gives guidance on the processes and procedures necessary to ensure child safety and wellbeing across our work. 


You can download a copy of each policy via the link below: 


  1. Charter of Commitment for children and young people – view document here
  2. Child and Youth Diversity and Inclusion Policy – view document here
  3. Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy – view document here
  4. Child Safety Code of Conduct – view document here
  5. Responding to Concerns of Allegations of Misconduct – view document here


If you would like to find out further information about our child safety policies, contact us at support@edfa.org.au