Research Committee

EDFA encourages, supports and regularly participates in eating disorders research

The purpose of the EDFA research committee is to embed research into the activities run by Eating Disorders Families Australia including;

  •  the evaluation of programs provided by EDFA
  •  undertaking research projects specifically on improving the mental health of families and carers


The research committee is composed of eating disorder researchers from Australia’s top universities including Swinburne University, Deakin University and The University of Melbourne.

If you are interested in being part of EDFA’s Research Committee, please contact us with your expression of interest here.

Research Committee Members

Dr Andrea Phillipou, Chair, Research Committee, Swinburne University

Dr Andrea Phillipou, Chair, Research Committee, Swinburne University

In addition to sitting on EDFA’s board, Andrea acts as the chair of the research committee and helps coordinate the research activities at EDFA. Andrea is passionate about providing better outcomes for people affected by eating disorders and their families, and is proud to contribute to the work undertaken by EDFA. Having had a family member with an eating disorder, Andrea knows the impact that a loved one’s eating disorder can have on those around them, and is thankful to organisation such as EDFA who provided such amazing support to carers and families.  

Sarah Giles Research Committee

Ms. Sarah Giles,  University of Melbourne

Sarah is currently completing her Master of Clinical Psychology/ PhD at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests include the role of obsessive-compulsive traits in eating disorders, and the overlap between autism spectrum disorder and eating disorders. Sarah is passionate about meaningfully incorporating consumers into research and clinical practice. Collaborating with EDFA has been an invaluable learning experience for Sarah and has provided an in-depth understanding as to what the needs of carers are and how research can better address these gaps.

Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Isabel Krug, University of Melbourne

My name is Isabel Krug. I am an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne and I lead the Melbourne School of Psychological Science Eating Disorder Lab Our lab focuses on improving the understanding of the genetic, neurocognitive, environmental, and psychological underpinnings of eating disorders. We are also interested in the effectiveness of new and evidence-based treatment modalities for eating disorders.

Currently we are working with Eating Disorders Family Australia (EDFA) on a project to understand better the impact of eating disorders on their carers by assessing their STRIVE groups. Our ultimate aim is to improve the classification, aetiological and treatment of eating disorders for the individuals themselves and their carers.

Aviva Lefkovits, Master of Clinical Psychology student at the University of Melbourne

Dr Aviva Lefkovits, University of Melbourne

My name is Aviva Lefkovits and I am a current student in the Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne. I am completing my research thesis in collaboration with EDFA to evaluate the organisation’s strive carer support groups for caregivers of individuals with an eating disorder. My project is exploring the relationship between the strive support groups and specific areas among caregivers, including emotional wellbeing, caregiving skills and sense of community. I am extremely excited to join the EDFA research team and contribute to the support of families affected by eating disorders, who are too often overlooked.

Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin, Deakin University

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